BUSIM: The Signal and Image Processing Laboratory at Bogazici University groups researchers in diverse areas of signal and image processing. Its research horizon encompasses the theory and the applications of image processing, acoustics and speech processing, video coding, computer vision and machine learning. In addition the group members address interdisciplinary areas such as signal processing for communications, security and biometry, seismological signal processing, affective computing, and biomedical imaging. Since its inception in 1993
  • BUSIM presently consists of six full-time professors, two associate researchers, about fifteen PhD candidates and 25 M.Sc. candidates
  • BUSIM has graduated up to the present more than twenty PhDs and close to a hundred MSc students
  • BUSIM has been instrumental in the organization of a multitude of national and international conferences, e.g., ICASSP’2000, EUSIPCO’2005, SIMILAR’2007 Doctoral School   
  • BUSIM has spawned four affiliated laboratories, namely, BUSIM/Signal and Image Processing, BUSIM/SPG: Speech Processing Group, BUSIM/VAVlab: Volumetric Analysis & Visualization Group and BUSIM/LAL: Lung Acoustics Laboratory


Research in BUSIM

The research horizon of BUSIM encompasses the theory and the applications of signal and image processing, speech processing, volumetric analysis and computer vision, and lung acoustics. BUSIM consists of four affiliated groups:

BUSIM/SIMPG - Signal and IMage Processing Group:
BUSIM/ SIMPG Group focuses on problems relating to image processing, video coding, computer vision, multiple-sensor based signal processing, signal processing for communications; security and biometry.
BUSIM/SPG - Speech Processing Group:
Main research topics of BUSIM/SPG Group include large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, voice conversion, 3-D audio-visual synthesis, speech synthesis, speech therapy and speaker identification.
BUSIM/VAVlab - Volumetric Analysis & Visualization Group:
VAVlab is a multidisciplinary group conducting research primarily on analysis and visualization of multidimensional 3D data, ranging from scalar fields to tensor fields and video. Application fields range from multimedia to medicine, including medical decision support systems, virtual/augmented reality for medicine, video enhancement, etc.
BUSIM/LAL - Lung Acoustics Group:
Lung Acoustics Laboratory (LAL) is a place where researchers from different disciplines come and work together. Some of the current topics in LAL are online processing and classification of respiratory sounds using digital signal processors, multi-resolution analysis of respiratory sounds, system development for multi-channel acquisition of respiratory sounds and modeling air flow-lung sound relationship.
Since its foundation BUSIM has been a testbed for many research ideas and a center for graduate studies. From the year 2000 on BUSIM has produced:
Ph.D. Degrees: 13
M.Sc. Degrees: 120
SCIE journal papers: 106
Conference papers: 240
Patents: 20